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Profile Sticking Machine

Circular surface profile film attaching machine

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Aluminum profile film laminating machine aluminum profile film laminating machine
I. equipment use:
The machine is suitable for aluminum, stainless steel profiles, model steel profile protective film on the surface of the shop stickers etc, has quick speed, the operation simple and safe, etc, after the machine film packaging material surface film flat got beautiful decoration and better protection.
Ii. Working principle:
Electricity equipment normal after the trial, protective film set on the fixed plate, aluminum pressure wheel through block roller machine, artificial surface traction packaging materials joint profile, adjust the pressure, keep-off fit closely profiles, the slow speed, start the conveyor motor, aluminum surface with a layer of packaging materials, and then accelerate the continuous production. The name and trademark of the printing company on the protective film and the surface of the profile are protected.
Iii. Equipment features:
1. Adopt high efficiency frequency converter with digital display speed regulation, low noise, stable and reliable work.
2. Flexible hand wheel adjustment can quickly and effectively adjust the film distance and accurate positioning.
3. Convenient quick change and quick clip device can replace the protective film in a very short time, and different end face profiles can greatly improve the production efficiency.
4, sticker range: 360 ° full care any sticker.
5. Power roller, baffle wheel and pressure wheel are cast with imported polyurethane.
Iv. Technical parameters:
1. Total work rate: 3KW. 220V stabilized power supply.
2. Main machine: y90l-1.5kw-2.
3. Film speed: 0-220m/min adjustable.
Χ, packing size: 250 mm to 150 mm.
5, appearance size: 1800 Χ 640 Χ 1500 mm.

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