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Coagulative polypower zhihui shicheng -2017 China aluminum a

inputtime: 2018-07-13 09:04
On March 14, sponsored by the China nonferrous metals processing industry association, zhaoqing qian jiang hi-tech information technology co., LTD, the guangdong phoenix aluminum aluminum co., LTD., to undertake the "2017 China aluminium and aluminium alloy with powder coating technology seminar", held in guangdong yunfu xinxing county.
Center of coagulation, polypower, shicheng -2017 China aluminum and aluminum alloy powder coating technology seminar
The meeting
The guests attending this conference are all from aluminum profiles enterprises, coating powder enterprises, new information enterprises, testing equipment enterprises and real estate enterprises. In this technical seminar, famous experts from industry gathered, stop experience exchange, discussion topics, for participants to bring an industry one of the few gluttonous feast, aims to promote our industry to high value-added coating of aluminium and aluminium alloy powder, high-performance, environmentally friendly and conduct direction transformation, and the collusion in aluminum industry.
Meeting by China nonferrous metals processing industry association vice President and secretary general Mr ZhangJiLin charge, wood grain transfer printing furnace of China nonferrous metals industry association, China nonferrous metals processing industry association, vice chairman of the director Mr Xianjun, zhaoqing qian jiang hi-tech materials co., LTD, chairman of Mr Liu Xiaofeng, the guangdong phoenix aluminum aluminum co., LTD., deputy general manager, ms Lin Yujin stopped opening speech, respectively for 2016 aluminium and aluminium alloy by powder industry stopped the summary, unstable factors on domestic policy and foreign stop a meticulous analysis, sharing, provides a very forward-looking initiative, industry and hope from the consumer technology optimization, from time to time The scope of application extends from time to time to create a benign collaborative environment. Fifth session of the 12th CPPCC national committee has just concluded in the capital, the state council premier li keqiang said the government work report "to advance innovation leads the entity economy transformation, the comprehensive implementation of strategic emerging industries to carry out the plan, to speed up the new materials, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, biological pharmacy, fifth-generation move communication technology research and development and transformation, bigger and stronger industry cluster. As a strong country in aluminum industry, facing more and more severe competition in foreign countries, it is a win-win way for aluminum industry and coating powder industry to establish a stronger industrial cluster and form a joint force.
Specializing aluminum powder qian jiang high and a subsidiary company of guangdong hua jiang powder, were put forward in the symposium "aluminum alloy coating structure with the green design", "powder coating is used aluminum" project plan to stop communication, including the aluminum furniture will play an important role in thermal printing technology, the application of aluminum in the car paint in the category of the application of technologies such as sharing, for coiling and VOC, heavy metal, waste paint industry to carry out the key problems, such as risk to stop treatment, through technology research and development, update, theory, with green environmental protection as the root, to meet the needs of each big business enterprise of aluminum, In particular, it stopped elaborating on the important role of technology, environmental protection and application in emerging industries, and was recognized by all colleagues and experts present.
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